Easy Email Queue Monitor for Jira

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for Jira Server 6.4 - 9.5.1, Jira Data Center 8.0.0 - 9.13.1 and more
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Real-time email queue monitoring for Jira Admins who monitor the health of their mail queue. Fast setup and automation-ready

Catch outgoing email issues before your users do

Integrate your monitoring tool with the API to get instant alerts for email failures, ensuring quick fixes and minimal disruption. Enhance email reliability, reduce downtime, and maintain efficient communication flows.

A Scriptable API for Workflows and Automations

Write your own scripts to query the REST API for real-time email queue size and error queue size. Automate repetitive tasks without manual intervention. Automate your workflows. Manage your email queue programmatically.

You define the thresholds that matter

Define your own alert thresholds in your scripts. Data provided by Easy Email Queue Monitor can be accessed in two common formats: XML and JSON. Easily retrieve and process email queue information. Adjust as needed.

More details

Remotely monitor the health of your Jira mail queue. Simply send requests to the REST API endpoints provided by the application.

Connect remote monitoring tools like Zabbix, PRTG, and Nagios.

Configure notifications if your queue parameters exceed values you specify.

  • Real-time email queue monitoring – Identify delays in processing emails
  • Alerts for stuck emails – set up alerts when emails get stuck in the queue
  • Automation scripts – Create automation scripts that make REST API requests and use mail queue parameters in their logic

Address several mail queue problems and challenges with one tool.

  • Email processing delays – Identify delays by monitoring the queue in real time
  • Manage large email volumes – monitor your queue’s size and performance

Easy Email Queue Monitor for Jira app enhances the reliability, efficiency, and effectiveness of email communication within Jira, supporting better collaboration, workflow management, and operational performance.

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By offering proactive issue detection, flexible scripting options, and customizable alert thresholds, it ensures your Jira mail queue remains healthy and your communication lines stay open.