Auditor for Confluence

for Confluence Server 7.4.0 - 8.8.0, Confluence Data Center 7.4.0 - 8.8.0 and more
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Track ALL your admin activity, not just what built-in log supports

Audit Trail

Audit trail view provides a quick overview of the administrative activity.

You can browse page by page or use free-text search to easily find relevant events.

Event Details

Clicking "Show more" link allows you to see more details about the event you are particularly interested in. You'll be able to see extra information about the exact change that happened.

Easy to Find

Audit Log is easy to find. It is just one click away, available in Confluence administration area at the bottom of the menu.

More details

Auditor for Confluence plug-in tracks all administrative events in Atlassian Confluence and writes information about them to audit log.

Atlassian Confluence is a great tool for collaboration, but it is missing a sound administrative audit log. Its built-in audit log is very limited and incomplete.

Auditor for Confluence fixes this problem. With the audit trail provided by it, you take all your Confluence administrators under control and know exactly who did what and when.

Unlike Confluence's built-in audit log which tracks only about a third of all actions, Auditor for Confluence provides perfect 100% coverage for administrative activity. Please see coverage comparison matrix for details.

Privacy and security

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