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Collaborate to create documentation in Confluence. Publish to a fast, responsive and public, static website

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Reference & Product Documentation

Instant Websites is the quickest way to publish a Confluence space as a public website, making it the easiest way to get documentation to your customers.

You can also publish a career hub or company website.

Fast Public Hosting

Your documentation is served from a public website hosted on Amazon Web Services, meaning customers get the documentation they want fast, every time.

Automatic Publishing

Changes are published automatically to your public website ensuring that your documentation is always up to date. Private pages and in-line comments are not published, giving you a safe space to collaborate.

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*Winner of Atlassian Codegeist 2015 - Best Confluence Cloud Add-on*

*Included in Atlassian's Best Cloud Add-ons of 2015*

At GLiNTECH we know the best place to collaborate and create effective documentation is Confluence. Our experience has taught us that the best place for customers to consume documentation is a company branded, fast and mobile responsive website on your own domain.

Instant Websites enables a Space Administrator to publish a Confluence space as a publicly accessible website on their company domain. It creates a static version of the Confluence space and serves that from Amazon Web Services, the worlds best Cloud provider.

Examples of Instant Websites for Confluence (Cloud) include:

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