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Easily manually/auto create/transition issues (subtasks, Linked or Epic Issues). Define templates for commonly created details

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Adding or Editing Template

Templates can be added or edit as required. These Templates can then be used to create sub-tasks, linked Issues, Epic Issues and unconnected issues

Templates can be defined for common Issue sets

If you have common sets of Issues that need creating then these can be defined for a Project or globally for all Projects. This allows for easy reuse

Setup Executors to automatically create issues

Executors can be set up to automatically create sub tasks, Epic issue or linked issues when a parent issue is transitioned to another status or created

More details

This plugin allows you to easily create multiple Sub Tasks, linked issues or Epic issue for a Jira Issue. Commonly created sets of issues can be created by defining Templates that can easily be created multiple times with minimum work.


Features include:

  • Allow for the easy creation of multiple Sub Tasks/Linked Issues/Epic Issues
  • Define templates for commonly used sets of issues
  • Global or Project level templates
  • Executors can be used to automatically create a template of issues with optional conditions.
  • Manually create a template of issues from within the issue page
  • Templates can automatically copy fields from the parent Issue including custom fields, Epic link and sprint.
  • Refer to parent values such as summary, assignee, description, due date, original estimate, reporter, custom fields ...
  • Create bulk issues using templates and JQL (Cloud only)


For a simpler version please see Sub Task Manager Lite. For updating an existing issue and transition linked issues see Transition Manager.

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Multiple Sub Tasks can be created by using a pre-defined template or manually specifying what you require