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    An easy-to-use interface with specialized panels for each QA activity

    An easy-to-use interface with specialized panels for each QA activity

    The Library view

    The Execute view

    The Report view

    The Test Library was designed for quickly sketching out your test plan structure, and entering your project tests effectively.

    The Execute view is best suited for test organization and execution. It includes a set of panels that help to organize test cases on different levels.

    The third Report view displays on-line reports on the project's tests for the current moment.

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    QaSpace capabilities:

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    Reviews for cloud

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    by Igal Korb on 2017-07-31
    I love this add-on, so comfy and easy to work with. used it in my previous company which used jira server software, now in my new company we use jira-cloud software - is there any way we could use it?
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    EPAM Systems, Inc.

    Unfortunately, Cloud-ready add-ons have a very different architecture. This means that we would need to re-design the whole add-on to make it cloud compatible. While it is on the table, it is a large effort, so surely won't happen in the near future.

    by PavelSkrebnev on 2017-07-04
    Our company is on the way of making decision: is your plug-in really free and without any hidden costs?
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    EPAM Systems, Inc.

    Whatever you get today will remain free. We do not include any technologies or plug-ins (except for Jira itself) that is not free. You get the current level of support free.

    If you need 24/7 support, or dedicated support with a different SLA, that is a subject of negotiation.

    by Jeeva Kuppusamy on 2017-07-03
    There are status in Test Management (Passed, Failed, Blocked, so on) and Status in Issues-Backlog. Both don't seem to be in sync. When the status is updated in Test Management, it is not reflected in an Issue in Backlog. How do we sync up the status? If someone updates the status in Backlog issues, it should reflect in Test Management and vice versa? Status in Issues-Backlog is Start Progress, Resolve and Close. Status in Test Management is Passed, Failed, Untested, Blocked, Out of Scope
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    EPAM Systems, Inc.

    This was a conscious choice to separate the status of the test from the status of the issue.

    Implementing a custom workflow is just too restrictive, it would cause more harm than good - actually we have tried it that way in early versions, but we had to remove this dependency as it was a cause of too many problems.

    It is not impossible to get the two in sync - you will need a custom workflow with the test statuses (Passed, Failed, Untested, Blocked, Out of Scope), and a trigger that sets the workflow status when the test status changes. I would still advise against it - try using a JQL query or a Dashboard widget based on one, if the built-in reports doesn't satisfy your needs.

    by Sherley Antony Desos on 2017-03-14
    Hi Team, The tool has been useful. But i have a couple of questions. Does this maintain a Repository for testing only outside the project? Could you please let me know if there is a way in which it integrates with JIRA? I tried looking for these answers, in the Qaspace Wiki. But i could not find it.
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    EPAM Systems, Inc.

    Hello Sherley,

    The plug-in stores all its data in JIRA. Most of the data is stored directly in the Test issues; only the organizer folder structure is stored in custom objects. Even with this, the position of each test is represented in the test issue itself, but this information is "read-only".

    I hope this answers your question. If not, please contact us directly!

    by Damian Versaci on 2017-03-01
    Whilst the documentation could be improved, the functionality is great and it is free! We evaluated Zephr and preferred QaSpace. Highly recommend it.
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    Reviews for server

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    by Bojana Daneva on 2018-04-19
    Very good plugin for writing high level test cases. I really find it more useful compared to the more complex tools out there since the simplicity allows you to enter more data faster and have a nice structure for it, which is very important when trying to find the test cases later on. I could only recommend that the features are described in a pdf rather than on a web site, but that's a small thing compared to the value it offers.
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    by Tea Palella on 2018-01-29
    It was exactly what i was looking for! I wish there was a cloud version, as that's what our company uses now. Thank you for all you've done!
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    by tanu.vashistha@thespsi.com on 2018-01-17
    I am using QAspace and facing a frustrating issue while copying any test case or copying any test case to Test Run. Issue 1 - Whenever I copy any Test case from a Folder to another folder, It actually removes the requirement linking from the original test case and from the copied test case too. And on the top of it, that's not enough, This actually removes the requirement linking for all the test cases exist in the folder form where the original test case was being copied. Issue 2 - Create a Test case, Link a requirement to it. Then in Execute view copy this test case to a Run. Here the test case exist in run would never retain requirement linking, it have in original test case. Original Test cases remains intact in this case.
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    by helen han on 2017-10-25
    Can the QaSpaec export the test cases in xml file?
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    EPAM Systems, Inc.

    Yes, you can export the library with a press of a button:

    http://qarsenal.wikia.com/wiki/Library (see the "Import" section at the end of the page)

    Also, you can export individual folders by right clicking the folder in the organizer panel in "Execute" mode.

    by Lan Nguyen Phuong on 2017-09-27
    We really love this app. Thus, there are some features we still finding: 1. We tried to bring some quality report into jira dashboard but we could not. Could you please help to show us the way to configure it. 2. Cannot clone a test run. Always need to create from library.
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