Effort and Duration Estimator for Jira

by Daisee
for Jira Cloud
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Data mining your past tickets to predict your future

Telling it like it is: human beings generally make more accurate estimates than this software does.

Here's when you'll find it useful:

  • You've got a huge backlog to groom, and you can't afford the dev time to estimate everything.
  • You have a project that has churned over staff so fast that nobody knows what's going on anymore -- the devs are all new, the PM is new -- and you are being asked to estimate times and effort anyway.
  • (Ssshhhh....) Actually, the project is a trainwreck, everyone's incompetent and pressured by the boss to give unrealistic deadlines, and you need something realistic.
  • You want a robot to join you in your game of agile poker, because hey, it's high tech and fun.
  • You run a help desk, and your users would like to have some idea how long it will be before they get their laptop back.

If it starts giving really crazy numbers though, get in touch (support@queckt.com) and there's things that we can tweak to make it more accurate depending on how you are using it.

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Integration Details

Effort and Duration Estimator for Jira integrates with your Atlassian product. This remote service can:

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That's it: you get an automatically-generated estimate on each Jira ticket.