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for Bitbucket Server 4.7.1 - 7.21.23 and more
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git-describe all repositories of a Stash/Bitbucket project

Project repositories, branches and last tag

New page showing all branches for all repositories

Last tag of branches

Complement Stash/Bitbucket existing branch list page showing the last tag of each branch


Tooltips provide more information without navigating to different pages

More details

- At the project level: Adds a page to display all project's repositories with their branches and last tag for each branch

- At the repository level: Adds a column in the branches page to display the last tag of each branch

About compatibility with Bitbucket Data Center: the requirements imposed by Atlassian (see ) to publish such a plugin as data-center compatible is too much of a burden for such a small open source plugin. Technically it should work (it's stateless).

You may try and install it manually (just get the .obr file), but I don't have any feedback on how it performs.

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