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Watch projects by components, priorities, issue types..., auto add watchers based on criteria, add watchers when creating issue

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Watchers for a Project

Add one or more watchers for a Project. Each watcher can have its own criteria and its own destination for the notifications.

Add Watcher Rules for a Project

Add rules so that watchers are automatically added to issues

Adding a new project watcher

Add a watcher that will notify users (by email or within Jira) of changes that meet the conditions specified

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A great replacement for Component Watcher by Burning Code


This plugin allows you to watch at a project level (i.e. by component, issue type, priority...), automatically add watchers to issues on creation/update or get timed (scheduled) notifications based on a JQL query.


  • To watch a project you specify criteria. This allows users to get notified of changes without having to constantly add yourself as watcher to lots of Issues. Features include:
    • Specify the events you are interested in and criteria to limit notifications sent
    • Get notification of changes by email or within Jira
    • Send emails to individual users or groups
  • To automatically add watchers you need to specify when you want this to occur. Features include:
    • Specify conditions to limit when watchers are added
    • Watchers can be added when an issue is created or updated
  • Add watchers at the creation of an issue by adding our watchers field in the Issue create screen.
  • Get scheduled notifications (one per issue) based on JQL query
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    Add a new "Add Watcher Rule" and the conditions the watcher should be added to an issue for.