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for Confluence Server 6.0.1 - 8.4.5 and more
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A simple macro to help with document quality control of Confluence pages

Comprehensive Page Information

The Page Quality macro shows quality information about a page in a simple and fast way. Use of this macro can help with document quality control of Confluence pages.

Simple page approval

Users can easily Approve or Unapprove versions of pages using the built in approval mechanism

Use custom CSS styling to change the look and feel

Custom CSS can be added to the default, space or page options. This allows the formatting of the information table to be changed.

More details

Use of this macro can help with document quality control of Confluence pages, and in particular, the following quality principles can be met using this macro:

  • The revision status and relevant changes can be shown
  • The original Confluence document is linked so readers can determine if their copy of the document is up to date, has been changed or is obsolete
  • The Approval button can help to approve documents before release

The information shown can include a number of useful page attributes such as who last modified the page, who the contributors are, the date changed, the page id etc.

Users can choose to use a preset default list of page information that can be set at a global or space level, or alternatively, the page information can be set at the page level using the macro's options.

The macro also has a simple page approval feature. Users can note their approval of a particular version of a page by clicking on the 'Approve' button. Pages can be unapproved in a similar way.

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Page Quality information can be used for document quality control