Chef cookbook tests

for Bamboo Server 5.10.3 - 9.0.0 and more
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This Addon provides tasks to test Chef cookbooks. It includes Rubocop, Kitchen, Rspec and Foodcritic

Have some tasks to test your cookbooks

No more shell scripts to test your cookbooks, have some nicer looking tasks instead of copying the same scripts over and over again

A nice overview

Each task has it's own spot in the stage, so you can track what goes wrong and where.

Show your Passed tests as Bamboo tests

Don't fight with shell scripts to have Bamboo realize you're running tests. All done for you

More details

Besides running tests, the tasks also create a .chefresults file for each task. This can be parsed with the Chef Test Parser, which is added as an additional task. You will then see the results as tasks with a matching time.

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