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Build your own Catalogues and Databases within Confluence. Structure content as you need and generate custom reports

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Predefine metadata for efficient management

Choose from predefined values or define your own metadata. Whatever approach you take, you'll enjoy having consistent metadata across your wiki that avoids the problems of user-generated metadata.

Generate overviews based on Metadata

Get up-to-date reports and insights into your wiki content at a glance. Use predefined and aggregated metadata to create powerful, automatically updated overviews. Use filters for even deeper insights into your wiki.

Easy document management

Combine document templates with predefined metadata sets and easily create structured content such as product overviews, requirements catalogues, project reports and many more.

More details

As a regular Confluence user, you know that manually adding metadata to wiki pages is both tedious and error-prone.

That's why we designed Metadata for Confluence. This simple, yet effective solution enables you to master your metadata to ensure consistency, improve usability, and tap into powerful new capabilities.

Metadata enables new use cases:

  • Set up a social intranet. Combine the information from the user profile field "location" with the metadata of a page to get a location-based news feed within your wiki dashboard.
  • Create structured documentation, e.g. IT documentation.
  • Easily generate knowledge bases like a product directory. Create a wide variety of macros based on CQL, like a content report table.

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