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for Confluence Server 7.13.0 - 8.6.2, Confluence Data Center 7.16.0 - 8.9.3 and more
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Allow your staff and customers to share ideas and ask questions with this easy to deploy plugin

Space blueprint provided to create Forum space

Easily create the space home page using the "Create Space" function and choose "Easy Forum" space blueprint

Forum Summary page shows all Forums in space

Moderators control and create the Forums, and Users can create their Topics or Post as needed. Forums are shown on the Summary page and visibilty can be controlled by the moderators

Forum pages list all the topics in the forum

User can see all topics in the Forum. Moderators can change the state of topics, Users can use this page to Create new topics and user can reply to existing topics.

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  • The administrators can set permissions for which users can view the forums and topics within the space
  • The administrators can set permissions for which users can reply/comment on topics within the space
  • Moderators are used to control and monitor the Forums. They have the permissions to edit and delete all posts, as well as Confluence administrators
  • Topics, within a forum, can be created by any user, however, if required each forum can be configured with a confluence user group to restrict this to specific users
  • Forums can be sorted by most popular posts, status, author, last post or alphabetical
  • A list of top contributors for each forum is shown
  • Moderators can select which forums are shown on the Forum Summary page
  • All users can subscribe to topics and be notified via email
  • Additional Configuration settings to show some of the standard Confluence page items

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