CA Agile Smart Flags

for Jira Server 7.0.0 - 7.0.11 and more
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Smarter Flagging for Smart Sprint Teams

Rapidboard Integration

The act of providing a flagged reason is integrated naturally into the Agile Rapidboard workflow. When you flag an issue, a dialog box will show up allowing you to enter a reason for flagging.

Searchable Flagged Reason Field

Once this add-on is installed, a Flagged Reason field will be automatically generated. This field holds the reason for flagging an issue and can only be modified when setting/clearing a flag.

Mouseover Tooltip

Hovering over the flag icon on a flagged issue in the Agile Rapidboard will display the reason for flagging the issue.

More details

This Jira add-on is an enhancement to Jira Agile's flagging mechanism. Instead of issues being flagged mysteriously, it allows the user to enter a reason for flagging an issue.

This add-on provides a searchable, text-based custom field that holds the reason for flagging an issue. This field can only be modified via a form that pops up when flagging an issue in the Agile Rapidboard.

In addition to being able to view the flag reason via custom field, the reason can also be viewed by hovering over the flag icon in the Agile Rapidboard on a flagged issue.

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This Jira add-on enhances Jira Agile's flagging mechanism by allowing users to enter a reason when flagging an issue. This add-on is currently only compatible with the Jira Server edition (not Cloud)