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by David Moore on Jul 15th 2019

This add-on is simple yet functional. We use it daily to control our dev process spanning a couple of continents. Our recent move to cloud was not without issues but the ADWEB Team did a great job supporting us, fixing a few critical issues in a short turn around (I mean overnight). Can't fault it for the cost, could definitely use some polish, but very usable. I would highly recommend...

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ADWEB Software

Hi David,

We are delighted to hear you have had good experience and this is exactly how we want all customers to have an experience.


by Filipe Fonseca on Jun 21st 2019

Sent an email with a request for smart commit support. ADWEB Software were very prompt and helpful, and added the functionality to the plugin within a week, asking for feedback on their solution. The plugin itself is what we needed for the company and our Scrum structure. There are a couple of small bugs, but I now trust that raising things with them will be fine.

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ADWEB Software

Hi Filipe. Thanks for your kind words and the trust in us. Look forward to serve your better going forward. Thanks once again for choosing Tracking & Estimation for Jira.

by Anouar Ouakna on May 7th 2019

We have been working almost for 1 year with this add on, and we are very satisfied as we are able to split the work within the teams. I precise that the organization of our maintenance team (40 people) is based exclusively on JIRA, so we have been customizing Jira in the most advanced way in order to interact the most efficient way. And this plug in has been a great discover for us. Of course there are some missing functionalities especially for the reporting part, but I commented it to Adweb and they are working on it. They have been also very reactive on solving some unsignificant bugs during migration so I am very confident, that we will all benefit new reports very soon.

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ADWEB Software

Hi Anouar. We are equally thankful to you for your support and assistance because of which we are able to make minor yet significant changes which eventually helps build a great product. We look forward to a lasting relationship with you going forward.

by Matt Korich on Apr 1st 2019

Our $4B market cap company has been working with this addon for 2 years now and we are satisfied with the overall functionality and responsiveness of the developers to reported bugs. Operationally, there is little or no "self-serve" visibility into bug issue tracking against the addon (which has been buggy at times) -- the only medium of reporting issues is email and email chain follow-ups. The addon will serve you well when tracking time spent in roles but will take you some time to set up and get into a cadence. We will continue to review this addon for enterprise users.

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ADWEB Software

Hi Matthew,

We sincerely appreciate your feedback and thank your team for the patience & co-operation.

To serve you better, we are glad to announce that our service portal is now available powered by Jira Service Desk. This will ensure glitch free support to all our esteemed clients in the future. Link below;

Thanks once again for your trust in us and we look forward to continued healthy business relations with you.


by Jeannie Moulton on Jun 11th 2018

The idea is nice, but I trialled during the first Jira Cloud release and it is missing some key functionality still to make it genuinely useful. In particular, the time allocated per sprint per assignee is not reflected properly and makes it useless for planning workloads, which is what I needed this for. Less importantly, it's a bit slow and the UI is not great in some issue views -- you have to scroll within a div if you have more than one role.

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ADWEB Software

Hi Jeannie. We appreciate you for evaluating the cloud version of this plugin and thank you for the valuable feedback. The cloud version is inspired by the server version and is in its beta release at the moment. While we are still working on some more features eventually to come up in consequent releases, we would definitely love to connect with you and understand key functionalities from your perspective. We would definitely appreciate your contribution in this regard. Please reach us on Looking forward.