Report Fix for Jira Agile

for Jira Server 6.1 - 6.4.14
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Changed a Story estimation in a running Sprint? Your reports can let you down... we won't

Jira Agile Reports fail you sometimes?

Did you change the estimation of a Story within a Sprint?

Did you add a Story to a running a Sprint and forgot to estimate it before?

Bad news because all your Jira Agile reports will show you the wrong values...

Click on "Fix"

Just click on "Fix", refresh the page and your reports will start showing the right numbers!

You can revert all the changes with a single click!

Your reports are now fixed!

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Using this plugin you can fix your Jira Agile reports (Sprint Report, Burn-down chart, Velocity report, etc.) that show wrong values with 1 click when

  • You added a Story into a running Spring but forget to estimate it before
  • You changed the estimation of a Story in a running Sprint

Important notes:

  • We fix all the reports of all the Sprints on the given Agile Board!
  • All the changes can be reverted with another single click!
  • This fix works by altering issue history. After applying the fix, in the "History panel" of the problematic issues you will see as if they were estimated only once per Sprint, and added before the Sprint start (to make Jira Agile happy).
    • Usually it bothers nobody but please apply this fix only if you can accept this little trade-off.

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