Smarter Search for Bitbucket (Stash)

for Bitbucket Server 6.0.0 - 7.18.2 and more
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Powerful search of full-text code, commits, pull requests, and files across all branches on all repositories

Search any Branch

Any branch can be indexed, it just needs to conform to the indexing regex. Don't want a repository indexed? Turn search off for that repo.

Advanced Filtering

Filter by projects, commit date ranges, file extentions, and much more with easy-to-use filter boxes.

Search through Commits and Pull Requests

Search for specific commit hashes, commit messages, commit authors, issue id's, pull requests, pull request comments, pull request tasks and more.

More details

Smarter Search for Bitbucket is a robust and powerful search for code, commits, and files. It provides search improvements on top of Atlassian's search, such as indexing branches by regex, advanced results filtering, and much more. Download it now to enhance your search capabilities.

✅ Feature highlights:

  • Index and search any branch
  • Remove any repository from search
  • Filter by projects, commit date ranges, file extensions, and more
  • Search commits and pull requests

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