Tag Details And Git Notes

for Bitbucket Server 8.0.0 - 8.16.0 and more
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Hover over tags and see details like description, tagger, date and signature. See also git notes

Replaces the tooltip with a detailed dialog

Originally, Bitbucket shows only the tag name. Using Tag Details And Git Notes, you can see the tag name, description, the tagger’s name, tag date and the signature.

Tags details at several locations

Bitbucket shows tags in Commits list only. This add-on shows tags and their details also on Pull Request page, Commit View page (BB >= 4.7) and Create PR page.

Git notes at several locations

If git notes are present, the add-on adds a Notes-column to Commits list page, Pull Request page and Create PR page. And adds a section to Commit View page.

More details

This add-on replaces the tooltip for tags with a more detailed dialog: For annotated tags the dialog shows the tagger's name, the tagging date, and if given the signature. The add-on also adds a column for git notes. The add-on is active on all pages where commits are shown.

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