Parameterized Builds for Jenkins (Deprecated)

for Bitbucket Server 7.0.0 - 7.21.23 and more
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Trigger parameterized builds in Jenkins from Bitbucket Server

Multiple Trigger Types

Jobs can be triggered on branch and tag events, as well as pull request events.

You can monitor specific paths or use pattern matching for branch names.

Link your jenkins account to Bitbucket Server

Users can link there Jenkins account to Bitbucket Server. When they trigger a build via maunally, pushing, or pull requests the the build will be triggered using their Jenkins API token.

Manual Build Button

A manual "Build in Jenkins" button will be added to the branch actions menu and to the pull request overview. If there are multiple jobs added with build parameters then developers can use which job to build.

More details

Jenkins base settings are configured on the admin page in Bitbucket or per project. Here you can setup the base URL for Jenkins and default authentication. Once this is setup you can start configuring and adding jobs in the Hook settings for a repository.

Triggers inlcude:

  • Branch created (can use pattern matching for branches)
  • Push event (can use pattern matching for branches or file paths)
  • PR events (opened, re-opened, re-scoped, declined, merged)
  • Manual (adds a "Build in Jenkins" button to the branch action menus)
  • Branch deleted
  • Tag events

Authentication for triggering a job can use one of 3 ways:

  • Jenkins API token via admin page
  • Job token via the hook settings
  • Jenkins API token via user profile page (per user)

You can add build parameters (including token, string, choice, and boolean). You can also use a custom variable "$BRANCH". During the trigger event this value will be replaced with the branch that triggered the build.

Privacy and security

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