AgileMinutes - Meeting Minutes for Jira

by ilmCon
for Jira Server 7.0.0 - 8.22.6, Jira Data Center 9.15.1 - 9.15.2 and more
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Meeting Minutes for Jira - Plan and take your minutes online - Discuss/Edit Issues, Export new Issues to Jira, Get minutes as PDF

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View all of your meetings in an arranged overview

Keep track all of your meetings you were or will be participating in. View the meeting details until they are finished. Afterwards you may download the meeting minutes as PDF and recall what has been talked about.

Structure your upcoming meetings in advance

Minute takers may plan meetings easily by gathering the most important data: when and where does or did it take place, what was is all about, who participates in it and who receives the meeting minutes in the end.

Take your minutes online and distribute them

You may structure meetings into topics and subtopics. By default there are 4 types of subtopics: drafts, infos, appointments and tasks. You may also add more and define if they will be exported as Jira issues afterwards.

More details

  • Plan your meetings and take your minutes fast and easily
  • Create your minutes, plan your topics as well as participants and distribution lists
  • Take your minutes online with the participants watching you doing that in real time
  • Discuss existing Jira Issue in you meeting minutes
  • At the end of the meeting the tasks defined will be automatically transferred as a Jira issues into the system if specified
  • You may download your minutes as a structured PDF containing all the meta data, partipant groups, all of the meeting topics and subtopics, the list of open tasks of the actual attendee group as well as all of the PDF-attachments attached at the end
  • Open tasks may be tracked per attendee group or per meeting and can to be processed further within the issue navigator
  • Visibility of meetings and exported tasks can be limited to selected groups of users
  • More information about the plugin as well as documentation and support can be found at

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Attendee groups are used to predefine the occurrence of meetings, a default minute taker, 3 kinds of participant groups and an agenda.