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for Confluence Server 7.5.0 - 8.9.1, Confluence Data Center 7.5.0 - 8.9.1 and more
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Redirect different user groups to customised homepages or set HTTP 301 redirections for single pages

Lead user groups to their own customised homepage

Redirect different user groups (external partners, clients, internal groups, etc.) to a customised homepage. This can be a space homepage, a blog post or any standard Confluence page.

Easy mapping of user groups and homepages

User groups and homepages are easily mapped in the admin section with only a few clicks.

Redirect a page to a different URL

Maintain SEO visibility of public Confluence pages after migration by redirecting them with an HTTP 301. The macro is also useful when you restructure Confluence spaces and don't want users to get lost.

More details

Redirect for Confluence (formerly Homepage Redirect for Confluence) has the following features:

- Specify and customise homepages for different user groups in Confluence.

- Direct page traffic to another URL.

1. Out of the box, Confluence can only have one global homepage. Using our app, administrators can assign unique homepages to specific user groups. User groups include internal users, external users such as clients and partners, and anonymous users. As soon as a user accesses Confluence, they are redirected to their specified homepage, according to their defined user group.

2. Keep the traffic and SEO visibility of pages high when restructuring your Confluence or migrating it (e.g. to the cloud). Add the new "Redirect to URL" macro to redirect pages with an HTTP 301 (permanently moved). You may redirect a page to another Confluence page, blog post, or to an external URL.

Our app supports redirections set by the discontinued app Redirection from Confluence by Appfire. Read more.

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