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for Bitbucket Server 7.14.0 - 8.19.1, Bitbucket Data Center 7.14.0 - 8.19.1 and more
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Use templates to keep your repository settings in-sync and to provide default content for new repositories

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Configure settings and content of your template

Configure a repository as a template with the settings that should be common to your repositories. You can also create common branches (e.g., master and develop) and files (e.g. README, LICENSE, .gitattributes) in it.

Copy settings and Git content to new repositories

When creating a new repository from a template, this app copies all settings of the template (permissions, hooks, etc.) over to the newly created repository. The Git content is mirrored as well.

Keep the settings of your repositories consistent

You can also configure the app to periodically reset settings of associated repositories to the ones of a template. With this feature enabled, you can ensure that your repositories are always correctly configured.

More details

✅ Configure a repository as a template and effortlessly replicate its settings and content to new repositories in your project. Ensure consistent configurations without repetitive setup.

🔄 Periodically reset associated repositories to the template's settings. Manage configurations centrally, saving time and eliminating manual adjustments.

⚙️ Supports repository hooks, permissions, branch permissions, pull request settings, repository details, webhooks, and access keys.

🌐 RESTful API interface provides seamless access to all settings. Integrate with existing workflows and streamline configuration management.

💡 Auto-create branches and essential files (e.g.,, LICENSE, CODEOWNERS, PRCHECKLIST) in new repositories. Start projects efficiently.

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