Bulk Clone Professional for Jira

for Jira Server 8.20.1 - 9.14.0, Jira Data Center 8.20.1 - 9.14.0 and more
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Elegant and nicely integrated plugin for advanced Cloning, Editing & Moving of entire result sets in 1 operation

Bulk Clone/Edit/Move your Jira Agile Backlog

Multiselect the Backlog Items you want to Bulk Clone

Right Click to choose Jira's built in "Bulk Change" to start the Bulk Cloning process.

Alternatively use JQL builder to Bulk Clone issues

Retrieve source issues that you want to clone, using Jira's native JQL builder.

Choose Jira's built in "Bulk Change" (Upper right corner) to start the Bulk Cloning process

Bulk operation now includes "Clone Issues" option

A new bulk operation will apear on this screen called "Clone Issues"

Choose Clone issues to move to the next step in the Bulk Cloning Wizard

More details

Bulk Clone Professional offers you capability to Clone, Move & Alter field values on multiple issues in one operation., Elegantly built in with Jira's other bulk operations working the same way it offers you the possibility to;

  • Bulk Clone from multiple set of source Projects/Issue Types to Multiple set of Target Projects.
  • Clone, link relationships, workflow status, attachments, subtasks and set your own unique label to identify your cloned set.
  • Move/Transfer values from one issue type to another in the cloning operation.
  • Preserve or set new field values to all system & custom Jira fields in 1 cloning operation.
  • Include/Exclude comments in the cloning operation
  • Transaction secure - with unexpected power failures, spikes etc.. transaction is rolled back.
  • Set prefix & Suffixes on your "Summary" field values
  • Use the power of "Dynamic Variables" to copy field content to Summary field
  • ...and much more...

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Bulk Clone options screen. Include subtasks, attachments, labels, link relationships, Workflow mappings, Edit & Move System & Custom fields for all issue types. Also on the right side of each section you have online help