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Staffing Timeline plugin allows you to plan work on projects, vacation, or any other activities including resource allocation

View results of your planning on the chart

Create macro for setting up your employees activities/projects by days and hours. View results of your planning on the timeline and check progress of each activity.

Set up working and non-working days when planning

Set up working and non-working days when planning your activities. You can enter both start and end date or you may enter start date and number of working hours and program will calculate the end date for you!

Export data to Excel

You can export data from a chart to Excel file. You can send generated excel to people who do not have access to the page with staffing timeline macro and show them results of your planning.

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Planning the work of employees is one of the most important stages of each project. Every manager holding Staffing Timeline can easily plan the work of his employees on projects, which will result in better development of the company.

Staffing Timeline is an ideal tool for long-term planning of work and holidays. The activity can be planned with precision to an hour or rounded up to the full days. Everything without a single edit on the page!

You can set up non-working days, both globally and for a particular macros, and put them on the timeline.

Just one click allows you to export data to an Excel file, which you can share with your colleagues.

In Staffing Timeline, you can also manage editing restrictions to prevent people from editing your timeline.

Work planning is one of the most critical and essential parts of every project. So start using Staffing Timeline and make your work easier! Become planning expert!

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