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Simple cite offers citation functionality for Confluence including BibTeX and DOI support

Various inputs

Most likely you will specify your own cites on a page and reference to them on the same or any other page. In addition you can also reference to DOIs and BibTeX cites and get them rendered in many CSL formats.

The concept

You will use three sets of macros. The first one is used to define a new cite on a page. The short cite is subsequently used to refer to the already defined cite. The cite summaries shows all cites of a page or space.

A Confluence page with cites

The basic functionality consists of two types of macros. A set of cites and a cite-summary. The screenshot shows how they are rendered. Each cite contains a link to the cite summary and vice versa.

More details

The Simple Cite plugin brings citation functionality to Confluence. The plugin comes with the following macros:

  • Single Cite: use this macro to make a new cite/reference on the page. The macro body will hold the reference.
  • Single Cite Short: use this macro to link to a cite/reference you already have defined on the page. This macro has a more usable placeholder.
  • Single Cite Import: re-use cites defined on other pages
  • DOI cite: render a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) in almost any CSL style
  • BibTeX cite macros: render cites contained in a bib file in the most commen CSL styles (e.g. apa)
  • Cite summary: the cite summary is used to show a list of all cites on the page.
  • Space cite summary: to keep track of your cites you can use the space cite summary which lists all cites in a given list of spaces.

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