Alternative Repository Triggers (Bamboo)

for Bamboo Server 5.6.0 - 6.7.3
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Simplifies maintenance of post-commit functions for multi-project repositories

Simple one-time setup

No need to keep post-commit files up to date with planKeys that change over time. Just point all repositories at a single endpoint, and let the plugin figure it out.

reduces network chatter

By letting the repositories tell Bamboo when to build you can eliminate needless polling requests throughout the day. This keeps the SCM performing fast for developers

Centralizes remote IP configuration

** Actually ignores IP settings in v 1.0. **

Future versions will include a single place to configure authorized IPs per repository if desired. Follow TRIG-1 for progress.

More details

This initial release simply addresses the public enhancement request to simplify maintenance of post-commit repository triggers. This is accomplished by delegating all logic to the server to map the single repository URL with all the related plans set to use triggers.

For more information and example use see the wiki.

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