icbiz - ERP REST-API for ictime/Jira

for Jira Server 8.0.0 - 8.22.6 and more
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Connect your ERP or billing system to ictime & Jira, auto-create projects and issues, track work & integrate accounting processes

Project & Issue Integration

Projects and issues get automatically created via REST-API from your ERP system, based on template projects with different configurations.

Configure & Track Work

Automatically create and map services or articles from your ERP to activity types in ictime and track time (or other billing units, like amounts) on issues.

Billing Integration

Automatically get work log reports with time or other billing units and additional accounting information into your ERP system for billing and further processing.

More details

icbiz helps you to connect your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, billing system (or other systems) to Jira and ictime.

  • icbiz adds an option to copy Jira "template" projects via REST-API with our without issues, components etc.
  • Via the REST-API for the "ictime - Jira Time Tracking & Reporting" add-on, you can create activity types (representing articles, services or contract positions in your ERP system) and assign them to projects.
  • With ictime Work Log Attributes assigned via the REST-API, you can specify the way your work should be billed (e.g. billing unit as time, amount) and can add accounting information on the level of projects and activity types.
  • Finally, your ERP system can retrieve work logs with all additional information according to different criteria via the REST-API for billing purposes. Work logs are also charged in ictime with a reference to your system.

*icbiz 2.x *requires* "ictime - Jira Tracking & Reporting" 5.6.x (Jira 7.x)

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