Repository Dashboard for Bitbucket

for Bitbucket Server 7.6.0 - 8.19.5 and more
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See all important information about your repositories at a glance

A dashboard for your repositories

This app adds a dashboard to the repository view that contains all you need to know to get you quickly up-to-date about a repository. You no longer have to miss this Github feature in Bitbucket Server anymore!

Contributor statistics and repository metadata

Contributor statistics, searchable lists of pull requests, branches, tags and forks. Also shows latest commit of current branch, latest repository activity and disk size of the repository.

Build status, Jira issues and SHA copy feature

Shows build status, Jira issues and "ahead/behind" for the current branch. The SHA hash of the latest commit can be copied to the clipboard by one click as known from Github.

More details

The app provides a dashboard with all important information about a repository. It's kind of a mix of what GitHub & Bitbucket Cloud provide to quickly get an overview on what is going on in a repository.

  • A configurable description & a link (to get more information about this repository, e.g. a URL to a project wiki) which are also shown on all repository lists
  • Information about the latest activity (pushes, pull request actions, commit comments, etc.) & the most recent commit in a repository
  • Number of commits, branches, pull requests, contributors, forks & tags in a repository (+ searchable lists for these entities)
  • The bare size of the repository on the server
  • The status of the latest build of the selected branch in this repository
  • Associated Jira issues of the selected branch in this repository
  • The SHA1 hash of the latest commit including a "copy to clipboard" feature as known from Github

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Privacy and security

Privacy policy

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Shows the configured descriptions and links (to get more information about a repository) for the repositories on the project details view.

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