Better Excel Automation for Jira (free!)

for Jira Cloud, Jira Server 7.1.0 - 9.16.1, Jira Data Center 7.1.0 - 9.17.1 and more
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Export and email custom Excel spreadsheets from Jira periodically (scheduled reports) or on issue created/updated/etc. events

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Create Excel automation rules with some clicks

Automate your workflows with Excel reporting: generate custom Excel spreadsheets periodically (ex: "every weekday 06:00AM") or at issue events (ex: issue created, updated, commented, work logged, etc).

🤖 How to do that?

Email the generated Excel reports automatically

Configure which Excel template to use, target email addresses, email subjects and body texts.

Use static values or template variables like "issue creator" or "issue assignee", for any parameter.

🔥 Tutorial

Save the generated Excel exports automatically

Store the XLS/XLSX files in your filesystem at dynamically generated paths.

Publishing to a network drive? Backing up to a Dropbox folder? We support them all.

🗃️ Automatically save files to local or cloud storage

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🛡️ Midori is now SOC 2 compliant!


🤖 Better Excel Automation allows generating, exporting and emailing Excel spreadsheets from Jira issues.

Note: both those apps must be installed before this can be enabled!


💡 Send automatic SLA pivot reports to your Service Desk team, custom XLS/XLSX reports or timesheet analytics to your management.

Periodically re-import files to Salesforce CRM, create backups in the cloud, or publish Excel spreadsheets to any public directory.

Supported triggers:

  • Periodic, scheduled execution (CRON)
  • Execution on issue events (created, updated, commented, work logged, etc.)

Send Excel action's configuration:

  • Excel template
  • "To"/"Cc"/"Bcc" email addresses
  • Email subject
  • Email body

Save Excel action's configuration:

  • Excel template
  • Target file-system path

Attach Excel action's configuration:

  • Excel template
  • Target issue

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The "Attach Excel" action attaches the generated XLSX file to its "original owner" issue or to an issue selected by a JQL search, using a dynamically generated filename.