PrOps for Jira - Integrate OTRS

for Jira Server 8.0.0 - 8.22.6 and more
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Gadget plugin that lists tickets of an OTRS System and allows for conversion to Jira issues

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View all your OTRS queues on your dashboard

View all your OTRS queues which are relevant for you to work with on your Jira dashboard without having imported anything into Jira previously.

Assign your ticket to a project

When converting an OTRS ticket to a Jira task you can assign it to any project or user, set a priority, select its type and add the relevant versions as well as a description.

The newly created Jira task

The new Jira task provides you with all information you entered previously and with a direct link, ID and label so you can always track where this task came from. You can see all connected OTRS tickets as well.

More details

We need to announce the End of Life for PrOps in 2023. You know how a developer feels about a message like this. A user too. But unfortunately, everything comes to an end.

Here you can find further details.

The latest version is supported for Java 8.

To see which Java version you have installed, open your terminal and type "java -version".

For Java 11 you can go to the version history and look for the version "1.16-j11f1"

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The backend gives you multiple options to customize your PrOps from setting the OTRS instance, user roles, shown columns, custom fields and the priority colors. Of course all columns can be renamed.