Include Code Quality for Bamboo

for Bamboo Server 6.10.2 - 9.6.4, Bamboo Data Center 6.10.2 - 9.6.4 and more

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Bamboo tasks for analyzing PRs with SonarQube™ supporting Maven,Gradle, MSBuild/.NET & Sonar™Scanner -> formerly Sonar™ for Bamboo

Tasks for Maven, Gradle, Scanner & MSBuild/.NET

Provides Bamboo build tasks for analyzing projects with SonarQube™. Supports builds with Maven, Gradle, Sonar™Scanner and MSBuild/.NET Core scanner.

Auto-branching and incremental analysis

Supports code reviews with pull requests by automatically setting SonarQube™'s branch parameters. Also provides incremental scans to reduce build time by only analyzing new and changed files of a pull request.

Quality gate build breaker and project link

Includes a build breaker functionality to fail the build if the configured SonarQube™ quality gates fail and adds a SonarQube™ project link to the Bamboo build results page.

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  • easier scanner set up in Bamboo builds
  • reduced build times with incremental analyses for pull request
  • quality gate status added to the build results page
  • SonarQube™ compatibility:
    • Compatible with SonarQube™ vers. 6.7 or newer
    • Supports community, commercial editions and SonarCloud™

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“It is a great app, working like a charm. we use it with maven. many options and controls available. using it with branch analysis and PullRequest analysis.” Florent C. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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