Scroll Remote Publishing Endpoint

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for Confluence Server 7.4.6 - 8.5.1 and more
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Manage Confluence content with Scroll Versions, and make it available on your public Confluence instance

Enable remote publishing for Scroll Versions

With Scroll Remote Publishing Endpoint installed, you can publish and update content from another Confluence system using Scroll Versions.

Distribute content between Confluence systems

All content is managed centrally in your secured Confluence environment with Scroll Versions. Make selected content available on your public Confluence instance with only a few clicks.

Supports versions, variants and languages

Use Scroll Content Management add-ons installed on your Confluence master space to manage concurrent versions, variants, and multilingual content and publish this content to your public Confluence instance.

More details

With this add-on, Scroll Versions documentation administrators who manage versioned content, variants, and localizations can now easily publish and update content on another Confluence system.

Key Benefits:

  • Enable the Remote Publishing feature for Scroll Versions
  • Author and manage content in your secured environment and distribute it between Confluence instances
  • Enables publishing of version, variants, and languages of content managed with Scroll Versions and Translations to a remote Confluence instance

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