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for Bitbucket Server 6.8.0 - 7.17.0, Bitbucket Data Center 6.8.0 - 7.17.0 and more
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Integrates SonarQube by showing metrics, test coverage and code issues in pull requests

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Shows Sonar issues and coverage in pull requests

Shows issues, coverage and duplicate code found by SonarQube in each pull request. Provides a context menu with a link to the issue, and actions like marking an issue as a false positive, or creating comments.

Shows Sonar statistics for repositories

Shows code coverage, duplicated code, quality gate status as well as maintainability, security, and reliability metrics for each repository and branch.

Pull request statistics and quality merge checks

Shows statistics in the pull request overview and provides merge checks based on SonarQube's quality gates to prevent merging pull requests which violate the quality thresholds.

More details

Integrates SonarQube's useful metrics and defect hunting tools into Bitbucket:

  • Shows detected code issues, uncovered and duplicate code lines in Bitbucket's pull request and source view
  • All actions like assigning Sonar issues, marking them as false positives, creating comments etc. can be done within the Bitbucket PR
  • Shows the quality gate status in all branch and pull request lists
  • Provides merge checks to enforce the configured quality requirements

A build that analyzes the pull request branches is required:

SonarQube compatibility:

  • The app is compatible with SonarQube newer than 7.6
  • It supports both community and commercial editions as well as SonarCloud

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The merge check based on SonarQube quality gates can prevent merging pull requests which violate the configured quality thresholds.