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for Bitbucket Server 7.8.0 - 8.14.0, Bitbucket Data Center 7.8.0 - 8.14.0 and more
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Improve code quality and security by including build log warnings from Bamboo & Jenkins in Pull Requests

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Shows Compiler and Code Linter results in PRs

Analyzes build logs and shows compiler (e.g., Java deprecation warnings) and code linter results (e.g., PMD, ESLint, Checkstyle, ShellCheck, PHPStan, Ktlint) right in a PR, so developers can fix issues before merging.

Shows OWASP dependency vulnerabilities

Shows OWASP dependency scan vulnerability results from the build logs right in your pull requests - including links to the CVE reports. Prevent sneaking security vulnerabilities into your main branch!

Enforces quality requirements with Merge Checks

Provides merge checks for the Compiler and Code Analysis tools to prevent merging in case a configurable threshold of violations is exceeded. Do not allow quality issues to sneak in your main branch!

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🐛 Shows Compiler, Code Linter and OWASP dependency vulnerability results in your Pull Requests to prevent code quality and security issues.

✅ No configuration necessary in Bitbucket, just requires execution of Compilers and Linters in your CI build.

⚙️ Jenkins and Bamboo supported.

🚀 Currently supported:

  • Compiler Warnings:
    • Java
    • Scala
    • TypeScript
  • Code Linter:
    • PMD
    • Checkstyle
    • ESLint
    • PHP CodeSniffer
    • PHPStan
    • Pylint
    • ShellCheck
    • Ktlint
    • Stylelint
    • Golangci-lint
  • OWASP Dependency Check

➡️ Let us know which Compilers or Linters you are missing!

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ℹ️ Learn more about how to prevent vulnerable dependencies in your code base with this app.

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