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for Bitbucket Server 6.10.0 - 7.19.3 and more
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Improves your code review experience by integrating static code analysis and providing pull request templates

Static code analysis for pull requests

Runs static code analysis tools on your pull requests and reports found violations directly in your code. PMD, Scalastyle, CodeNarc, JSLint & JSHint are built-in, but you can run any external tool on your pull requests.

Merge checks to prevent quality issues

Provides merge checks for the static code analysis tools to prevent merging in case a configurable threshold of violations is exceeded. Do not allow quality issues to sneak in your main branch!

Pull requests templates

Pull request templates allow you to configure a default description to help pull request authors to add the right details. The templates are files within the Git repository, thus are easy to version and to review.

More details

Provides static code analysis for your pull requests & various other handy features:

  • Reports found violations by static code analyzers right in your pull request with the help of Bitbucket's Code Insights.
  • Enforces quality requirements by preventing merges of pull requests that exceed a configurable number of violations.
  • Besides the integrated analyzers, you can run any external static code analysis tool over your pull requests. It parses the code violations the external tools emit, and creates Code Insights annotations for them. We provide a list of common tool configurations in our Wiki.
  • Supports pull request templates (BSERV-8663) to improve the QA process.
  • Marks files in your pull requests which likely contain bugs due to a lot of bug-fixing commits in the recent past to make reviewers aware to take special care when reviewing.

Please check our documentation for more information.

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Issues found by static code analysis are integrated into the pull request diff.