CelesteCS Math for Confluence

for Confluence Cloud, Confluence Server 6.0.1 - 8.5.1, Confluence Data Center 6.0.1 - 8.5.1 and more
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Make your Confluence pages smart - add calculations over your data

Create smart pages

Add calculations over your data by employing a rich set of build-in numerical, logical, text and date functions in EXCEL notation.

Reference any data

Specify table cells, cell ranges, Confluence macros from any Confluence page, available for the User, as formula operands.

Style and format

Inherit the layout and design of original formula text, apply any formats and styles to the calculation result.

More details

Important: Log4j vulnerability notice. We do not enable logging in the standard versions of our plugins, so any logger objects are not created on any public releases of CelesteCS plugins.

CelesteCS Math is a lightweight plugin, which provides a simple way to add spreadsheet processing functionality to Confluence Server, Datacenter and Cloud pages.

CelesteCS Math allows:

  • Specifying formulas in EXCEL notation
  • Working with numerical, logical, text and date data types
  • Employment of a rich set of built-in functions
  • Specifying other macros as formula operands
  • Performing calculations over Jira issue fields
  • Referring to table cell values or any from any page as formula operands
  • Referencing any Confluence page element using JQuery-like selector syntax
  • Specifying table cell ranges as function parameters
  • Inheriting text formatting from the formula

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