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Add beautiful math expressions into Confluence pages by using LaTeX, AsciiMath or MathML

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Instant preview of your math expressions

Whether you prefer to type your math expressions in LaTeX, AsciiMath or MathML, you can instantly see how they will look like as you type them.

Block and inline math expressions with references

Block and inline math expressions are supported. References to equations are possible even to other Confluence pages.

Save keystrokes by defining your own LaTeX macros

LaTeX macros can be saved in the app settings and are available in all math equations. No more code duplication and less errors!

More details

✨ With Beautiful Math for Confluence, you can integrate math expressions into your Confluence pages with the same quality as you are used to from scientific papers

  • Not just LaTeX! Choose your favorite math language: LaTeX, AsciiMath, and MathML
  • Integrate your math expressions either inline with text or on a separate line as a block
  • Define LaTeX macros in the app properties for your math expressions
  • Support for render modes HTML/CSS or MathML or SVG

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Beautiful Math for Confluence integrates with your Atlassian product. This remote service can:

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Instant preview of your math expressions