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Modular, agile documentation: easy & fun! Single sourcing, multi-excerpt, dynamic lists, metadata / variables & space hierarchies

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Pages without Noise

Use/define page blueprints with properties / metadata and sections that render only if they actually contain information. For readers there are no longer empty sections with only a title.

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Modular Documentation

Use rich multi-excerpts (transclusion) for content reuse - even from page result lists. Replace parameters in excerpts. Include properties and sections from pages. Hide content dependent on roles and properties.

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Enhance Navigability

Add new content to be dynamically listed in existing documents. Create complex property reports with a Select-From-Where syntax. Transclude or link to texts fragments and images locally or on remote servers.

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Support for Data Center announced for 2022!

Lost in wiki space? Blank-Wikipage-Syndrome? Where to add? How to find? No fun anymore?

Wikis are great to create documentation as a team. But step by step the information is more difficult to find, to add, to reuse since wikis impose very little structure on the documentation architecture.

Sounds familiar? If this is your problem, the projectdoc Toolbox is your solution!

Agile documentation easy & fun:

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Organize your wiki using document properties. All properties are defined by the team and documented on their own pages.