TechTime PageStats

for Confluence Server 5.9.1 - 8.0.4 and more
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Let the pictures do the talking. Show the number of likes, comments and replies in one simple to grasp iconographic

Display iconographic

Displays the number of likes, comments, total likes on all comments, number of replies and number of likes on replies in a condensed iconographic. A single look gives information on how people interact with your page.

Display in excerpts

When included in a hidden excerpt on the page, PageStats can be displayed elsewhere e.g a list created by Content-by-Label macro. One glance can tell you how people are interacting with your content and help compare

Integration with other plugins

PageStats integrates with TechTime EasyPage and TechTime PageScore - EasyPage can insert PageStats macro in the excerpt automatically and when shown in the lists together with PageScore it will play and render nicely.

More details

Often an overview is desired that will give information on how exactly people are interacting with the content. PageStats collects information about main interactions that users have with content in Confluence and presents them as a condensed iconographic - easy to read, easy to understand, easy to display elsewhere for comparison.

Privacy and security

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