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for Confluence Server 5.9.1 - 7.15.3 and more
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Notify user groups about a page within a space simply by placing a label

Share pages with groups by labels

You may create a space that is for the collation of information to different groups.

Group Share allows email notification to the target group/s without them needing to ‘watch’ the space or you having to issue a 'share'.

Map "share" labels to group names

From the space admin page you can map your groups to either existing or specially created labels. Every page created within the space will automatically issue email notifications to the members of these specific groups.

Interact with other plugins

Trigger notifications by labels placed by other plugins. An add-on measuring engagement level may place a "hot-content" label when a threshold is reached and trigger notification to your idea evaluation committee.

More details

When you need specific user groups to be notified about pages on specific topics in a space - Group Share removes the need to request your staff to become space watchers first or having to ‘share’ a page to the specific user group manually.

Group Share relies on label to user group mapping and issues that share notifications automatically when the label is placed on the page. This allows one to notify select groups of users based on the topics specified for the post.

Now you can ensure that the right staff are getting notifications of the information at the same time regardless of their status within a space and regardless of their geographic location within the organisation. Group Share removes the possibility that some intended audience may miss the new information being posted.

From within the space admin page of the appropriate space, a new tab will show you which labels are mapped to which user groups, or you can amend these if they are not appropriate.

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