TechTime Space Policy

for Confluence Server 5.9.1 - 7.11.2 and more
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Make it official. Specify Terms & Conditions for your space

Ensure users read and agree to a space's policy

Users are presented with a pop-up of a space's policy when they first visit the space. Once they agree to it, a cookie will remember this and they will never be hassled again.

Configure a space's policy

Choose which spaces you want to enforce a policy for. Customise a set of rules and guidelines to suit a certain space.

Utilise HTML for more complex policies

You can use any type of HTML to make your space policy interesting and easy-to-read. Include images, tables and lists to ensure the user clearly understands.

More details

Many organisations find it is vital to have a code of conduct or policies around how their employees interact in a shared space to prevent disagreements or unwanted behaviour.

Ensuring all users understand these rules is difficult in Confluence, where different spaces can have different policy and there is no in-built support for this.

Let us help you. Space Policy will allow you to specify unique rules for each space, and will ensure the users in that space must read and agree to these before being able to access any pages. This reduces the time spent by administrators enforcing rules and provides a more friendly environment for all.

Privacy and security

Privacy policy

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