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for Jira Server 8.0.0 - 9.7.2 and more
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Do not let green Resolved state to fool you. Colorize issues according to their Status and Resolution

Issue lists will be more meaningful and attractive

Colorize you issue lists depending on issue Status and Resolution. All issue list, even your dashboard issue lists and printouts will be colorized Your team will easily recognize which issues need priority.

Color code issues in issue detail page

Your can colorize whole header of the issue or only the resolution field or none. Choice is yours.

Split View is also colorized

In addition to List View, Jira 6+ contains a Split View, in which a simplified issue list is shown on the left, and selected issue is shown on the right. Issue colors are also available on this simplified issue list.

More details

The human mind subconsciously associates a color with an element and instantly relates that element color in front of them. So color coding your issues helps you to more easily recognize which issue needs priority. This plugin can colorize issues according to Status and Resolution fields. You need both, because in Jira an issue with Resolved status does not mean that it is solved, because "Won't Fix", "Incomplete", "Cannot Reproduce" are also valid solutions. Although technical people could pay attention to this detail, you can not expect the same thing from your non-technical customers. If they had reported an issue and your team had marked that issue as Resolved but with a "Won't Fix" resolution, they may not recognize it until very late. When they see the green resolved icon, they may think that their problem is solved, but that may not be the case. Plugin also makes your issue lists more attractive on the screen, or on the print that is delivered to your customer. User Manual

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Issue lists could be colorized.