TechTime Space Hierarchy

for Confluence Server 5.9.1 - 8.1.4 and more
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No more mess. Create self-managed spaces. Place pages into clean hierarchies automatically

Create flat forum-like spaces

When users inadvertently select the "Create" button while viewing a child page their newly created page becomes a "grandchild" page. In many cases a flat, single level hierarchy may be preferred instead.

Organise your space by category

The content may be required to be structured into categories e.g. by geographical regions or based on a pre­defined list. By using labels mapped to specific category homes - pages are moved to the correct place.

Apply page restrictions by placing a label

Some pages need to have restrictions applied automatically. By placing a label like "archived", "draft" or "confidential" a page can be moved to a a pre-defined location and have restrictions applied hierarchically.

More details

There are times when the content within a space needs to retain a specific hierarchical page structure, and all newly created pages must integrate seamlessly with the existing hierarchy.

Ensuring that a newly created page is created correctly within the page hierarchy is often not an issue for experienced users of Confluence, however for the novice user, the availability of the "Create" button from all pages can lead to confusion as to where their new page is going to integrate into the existing space hierarchy. This confusion often leads to disorder and disorganisation within the space resulting in "pile" of content with no clear structure.

Space Hierarchy will reduce the amount of time space administrators have to spend re­ordering the hierarchy to ensure all content is viewable to the right audience. Space Hierarchy will also reduce the disorder and user confusion that can result when pages are not viewable or not in the order expected.

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