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Visualize your commits when using the Git Flow branching strategy

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Visualise Git Flow branches

Bring your commits to life by using the Git Flow Chart to visualise the relationship between branches.

Highlight specific branches and track commits

Want to know which commits are part of your branch? By clicking on a specific commit, the Git Flow Chart highlights the entire parentage tree, allowing you to identify exactly which parts of the tree are in your branch

Simplifies commit history analysis of repositories

Analysing your code base can be a real challenge, especially in a Git Flow with unlimited feature branches, releases and hotfixes. The Git Flow Chart simplifies this task by visualising the relationship between commits

More details

The Git Flow Chart add-on allows teams using the Git Flow workflow to visualise their work and get better insights in how their commits are related.

The Git Flow workflow is a popular branching strategy that helps teams organise the way they use Git within their organisation.

The Git Flow Chart add-on is an extension to Bitbucket and aims teams that are using the Git Flow workflow to gain more insights in their commits by visualising how they've moved within the work flow.

For more information about the Git Flow workflow, please read the excellent Atlassian Git Tutorial.

PRO TIP: Watch the introduction video on YouTube

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