Attachment Filter for Confluence

for Confluence Server 7.0.1 - 7.15.3 and more
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Check attachments for illegal file extensions and prevent the upload of disallowed file types

Define global filter rules

You can configure a global whitelist of file extensions that you want to allow for file uploads. Only file types specified in that list will be accepted for file attachments.

Manage user, group, and space rights

The add-on's flexible configuration options enable you to specify refined permission schemes for users, groups, and spaces, giving you more control over the data accepted and provided by your Confluence instance.

Prevent illicit file uploads

Restrictions in the types of files that may be uploaded are effectively enforced by the add-on in any place the user can attach a file to a page. Descriptive error messages inform about acceptable file types.

More details

Attachment Filter for Confluence lets you specify file types which are allowed to be uploaded into Confluence. Based on individually defined file extensions and a whitelist mechanism, you can set up rules for different scopes:

  • The global filter rule defines the general set of file extensions which can be uploaded in a Confluence instance.
  • Space rules allow to specify a set of file extensions which are eligible for individual Confluence spaces.
  • Group and user filter rules let you override the global rule for individual user groups and users.
  • A distinct rule for anonymous users.

When a user tries to upload a file which is disallowed for his or her current context, the file upload is aborted with a meaningful error message.

The add-on effectively prevents illicit file uploads through all of Confluence's file upload channels, including the Attachment macro. Attachment filtering is based solely on file extensions. An uploaded file's actual content will not be examined.

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