Engineering Essentials

for Confluence Server 5.7.6 - 8.7.2 and more
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Focus on your content with essential tools that support engineering and scientific documentation without getting in the way

Automatic Numbered Headings

Automatically number all headings within a space so that pages contain section numbering without any macros interfering with your content.

Force Version Comments

Force new versions of a document to be saved with a comment while still allowing drafts.

Automatic Page Contents

Display the page contents floating at the top of each page without having to place macros everywhere which would otherwise interfere with documentation generation and clutter your content.

More details

Engineering essentials contains tools which make confluence a rigorous documentation environment. Configure critical spaces to force version comments, automatically use numbered headings, and automatically display the page contents. Critical documentation can be handled automatically. Allowing users to focus on the content.

Force users to provide version comments before saving, prevent data loss by still supporting drafts. Ensuring your document history is meaningful. In combination with Ad-Hoc Workflows and Scroll Office, confluence can be turned into a fully featured change control tool.

Configure spaces to automatically use numbered headings which do not interfere with documentation exports into word or PDF templates. Define the heading style in your templates, where it should be. Also, your content is safe because it does not need to be placed within a macro, so will continue to be available no matter what plugins are enabled.

Display page contents automatically without macros.

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Individual space configuration is available to space administrators via 'Space tools > Add-ons > Engineering Essentials'