Pull Request Please for Bitbucket

for Bitbucket Server 5.2.0 - 7.14.1 and more
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A hook that enforces a pull request for configurable Git branches

Configure Git branches to protect

Either use specific ref-ids (e.g., "refs/heads/master") or Bitbucket's branch permission patterns (e.g., "releases/**") to protect Git branches from pushes without pull requests.

Generate ASCII art hook message

Use your own hook message or generate a beautiful ASCII art which a user sees when trying to push without a pull request. Pushes by service users (e.g., a CI system) and already reviewed changes can be ignored.

No push without pull request

This hook prevents pushes to any of the specified Git ref-ids without a pull request. The user is informed by the configured error message why a push is not allowed.

More details

  • Supports specific values (e.g., "refs/heads/master") and patterns known from Bitbucket's branch permissions page (e.g., "releases/**") to protect Git references from pushes without pull requests
  • Configurable users (e.g., the release or integration manager) can be allowed to push directly
  • Service users (e.g., a CI system connecting to Stash/Bitbucket Server with an access key) can be allowed to push directly
  • Pushes to branches of open pull requests can be allowed
  • Supports the creation of beautiful ASCII art messages which makes the hook message stand out in the console of the user

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