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    Jira Service Desk
    This app is compatible with Jira Service Desk.

    Top Rated. Cloud Security Compliant. Planning Poker

    Top Rated. Cloud Security Compliant. Planning Poker

    Interactive Multiplayer

    Mobile, Desktop or Beamer

    Made by Scrummasters

    Estimate efforts in the real time with your colleagues. All your actions are instantly displayed to other participants. Works well with 30+ simultaneous players.

    Mobile version, beamer version, desktop version — you can use combination of those for partially distributed teams or local teams in the meeting room, or a mix of both.

    Been there, done that. We know that the planning poker can be painful at times, so we've tried our best to implement an estimation game without all that boring stuff.

    More details

    One of Top Rated Paid Jira Cloud Add-Ons

    More than 340 teams all over the world are using this Add-On to improve their estimation process.

    Inside the box:

    • Seamless integration with Jira Agile
    • Multiplayer mode (if you don't need multiplayer, try Distributed Estimation Add-On)
    • Easy game setup from Sprint Planning
    • Fibonacci, T-Shirts and custom decks
    • Supports roles and groups
    • Supports JQL
    • Supports iOS

    Support includes:

    • Response within 24 hours
    • Agile best practices advice
    • Weekly releases

    General idea

    Individual stories are presented for estimation. After a period of discussion, each participant chooses from his own deck the numbered card that represents his estimate of how much work is involved in the story under discussion. All estimates are kept private until each participant has chosen a card. At that time, all estimates are revealed and discussion can begin again.

    PLANNING POKER ® is a registered trademark of Mountain Goat Software, LLC

    Reviews for cloud

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    by Robert Mead on 2018-04-23
    Our team really liked using Planning Poker. Using the tool was largely intuitive and easy to use. It was great getting back to the unfiltered and in depth discussions about Product Backlog Items that add so much to the team's understanding of them as the start a Sprint.
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    by Anthony Barnes on 2018-04-11
    When Sprint Planning happens to your team you have to be aware of the fact that most people, even if they buy into the value of the exercise, have ZERO interest in sitting down to spend potentially hours discussing work to be done. In that light it's imperative to then choose a method / tool through which to do Sprint Planning that doesn't encumber your team any more than necessary. Lizard Brain gets this. The key to this is simplicity and don't you forget the value of simplicity. I want to be able to load up my tickets, view the relevant details, decide on an estimate and move on ASAP. My team regularly reviews / estimates 70-110 tickets every single (2 week) Sprint. Planning Poker achieves this for a reasonable price with a strong feature set and most importantly a stellar support team. This isn't just some app factory churning out addons flooding the Atlassian Marketplace. Their team is communicative and invested in their product, you can hardly do better than that in this day and age of app sprawl.
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    by Patrice Boulet on 2018-04-11
    Awesome tool. On point with agile processes and very easy to use - our team loves it! Also support has been amazing. Definitely recommend!
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    by Duy Le on 2018-04-06
    Traditional planning poker is great, it involves the whole team. With this, same experience, only faster, smoother and more effortless ;) Productivity is absolutely insane!
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    by David Domenicone on 2018-03-05
    This add-on is essential for our transition to story points for our largely remote teams. It's easy to use, even fun sometimes with the funny sound it optionally plays, and the customer service is some of the best I've even seen. The response time for any questions or concerns is pretty amazing actually. Highly recommend.
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    Reviews for server

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    by Bradley Barnett on 2017-06-01
    Planning poker has taken the estimation portion of our sprint planning to a new level of efficiency and enjoyment. The process is very streamlined, intuitive to setup and administer as a scrum master, and is available for participants to vote on every major platform and devices. The support team is also very responsive and available to provide assistance during the trial period to make sure that you get the most effective evaluation possible. A+
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    by Anthony Stramer on 2017-04-13
    My team loves Planning Poker. As a fully remote company it was extremely hard for us to do estimations until we found Planning Poker and we love that it’s integrated with our JIRA Cloud instance. Lizard Brain has also been extremely receptive to feature requests and is quick to release fixes for bugs. Overall myself and my team couldn't be happier with our choice to use Planning Poker!
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    by Jay Altschuler on 2017-03-29
    Application does what i needs to and support is best I've ever seen.
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    by Halil Uzundal on 2017-03-29
    We've been using Planning Poker about one year and it really reduce planning period. You pay for it but it saves money by saving developers time. Support is wonderful! It takes only a few days to solve a problem. Vit doing lots of improvements every week.
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    by Chris Stanley on 2017-03-27
    Great tool, use it every Sprint and Vit is continually updating and fixing any little bugs. And he keeps you updated on email as to what's new. A great example to other developers as how to keep your tools great and happy clients
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    Jira Cloud Released 2018-04-15


    Minor version update


    Minor version update


    1. Log into your Jira instance as an admin.
    2. Click the admin dropdown and choose Add-ons. The Find new add-ons screen loads.
    3. Locate Planning Poker.
    4. Click Free trial to download and install your app.
    5. You're all set! Click Close in the Installed and ready to go dialog.

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