TechTime Report Abuse

for Confluence Server 5.9.1 - 8.1.4 and more
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Notify space moderators about content concerns for immediate action

Report any comment to Moderators

Alongside the options of reply or like a comment, the user has the ability to report a specific comment. Any comment may be reported to the community administrator or moderator of the space

Moderators receive email notification

The space moderators group is notified by email about the report. The template for the email is configurable per space and may include the names of the reporter and content author, content being reported and the URL.

Integrate with your space theme to hide content

API components are provided to integrate into space themes. Banning of a comment has the effect of making it 'invisible' to the user community by replacing with a generic comment based on template configurable per space

More details

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Our “TechTime Report Abuse” App gives a level of regulatory control over your user community. Providing an option for anybody to report content that they believe is in breach of the user standards of the community or employment codes of conduct brings a degree of safety to users, the app gives a degree of control and policing that is continually in effect.

How it works:

  • When a “TechTime Report Abuse” Report Abuse add-on is enabled, a "Report" link is added to each comment.
  • When clicked it triggers an email notification to the designated quality or risk moderators group associated with the space.
  • The outcome of this investigation can be to allow the content to remain, or to ban the comment or page.
  • The ban function is restricted to the designated moderator's user group.
  • Once banned, the content can be replaced in the conversational thread with a generic banner e.g. stating "this comment was banned by the Moderator".

Privacy and security

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