Identity Federation for AWS (Bamboo)

for Bamboo Server 7.0.1 - 9.4.4, Bamboo Data Center 8.0.0 - 9.6.2 and more
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Single sign-on (SSO) to AWS resources – grant users and apps fine-grained Amazon Web Services access for your DevOps workflows

Federated AWS access for users and tasks

Add long-term AWS security credentials (IAM users) once, configure AWS access for Atlassian groups and Bamboo apps with temporary credentials and fine grained permissions via IAM Policies thereafter (Identity Broker).

Single sign-on (SSO) to the AWS Management Console

Access AWS resources directly via links from the AWS Management Console Login menu.

Tasks and REST API for temporary AWS credentials

Provide AWS Credentials Variables and Amazon ECR Credentials Variables (Docker) to AWS unaware tasks.

Expose AWS Connectors from your apps to retrieve user scoped temporary AWS security credentials (Token Vendor).

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+++ Identity Federation for AWS is free for Automation with AWS and Tasks for AWS users (works automatically) +++

Enable your teams with seamless access to AWS resources from your Bamboo DevOps workflows:

  • Empower your Atlassian users – provide single sign-on (SSO) enabled links to the AWS Management Console from the AWS Resources menu
  • Secure your AWS credentials – store long-term AWS security credentials with industry standard encryption without exposing them to users or apps, and provide variables with AWS Security Credentials and Amazon ECR Authentication Credentials to AWS unaware tasks
  • Relieve your AWS administrators – forget about juggling AWS credentials and never worry about team composition or employee leave: AWS access follows group membership once you grant fine-grained permissions via IAM policies
  • Integrate your Atlassian apps – use the REST API to grant users SSO enabled access to AWS resources

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