zAgile Connector for Salesforce and Jira

by zAgile
for Jira Server 8.4.0 - 9.16.1, Jira Data Center 8.4.0 - 9.16.1 and more
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zAgileConnect delivers rich Salesforce and Jira integration. Supports integration of Jira Issues with Salesforce objects

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Reduce time for tracking issue resolutions

From within Salesforce, zAgileConnect allows you to create new or link to existing Jira issues, search for specific issues, track issue status, view details, link to any in the search result set, and directly edit.

Improve collaboration between teams

By enabling easy exchange of comments and attachments between Salesforce and Jira, zAgileConnect helps improve collaboration between Customer Support and Product Engineering teams

Capture Account and Case metrics in Jira dashboard

zAgileConnect provides built-in charts representing various Account and Case-related metrics in the context of issue resolutions in Jira. These charts also provide drill down to the next level showing issues in details.

More details

*Requires installation of Salesforce App compatible with this version*

Please visit the Salesforce AppExchange for further details.

zAgileConnect provides powerful bidirectional integration of information between Salesforce and Jira. It improves coordination between teams across the two applications so that both sides may efficiently collaborate, exchange information, and track various activities as they work on various customer-centric tasks -- without needing to go back and forth between applications. The goal of this integration is to bridge the gap between Sales, Support and Engineering, and allow them to work more efficiently towards resolving customer-related tasks. zAgileConnect delivers integration and flows specifically targeted for Customer Support (i.e. Case-centric). Other Salesforce objects, such as Account, Lead, custom objects, etc. and related workflows will also be supported in future releases. zAgileConnect allows Support teams to work efficiently with engineering.

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