Configuration Delegation

for Jira Server 8.0.0 - 8.13.27 and more
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Give more power to your project administrators

​ Divide et Impera

Create your custom fields Configuration Schemes in order to define the scope your project administrator should manage.


Project administrators will have a new page in the administration section of their projects.


Use the new page to edit the default value or the custom field options.

More details

In Jira, in order to be able to configure the options of a select list, checkbox or radio button custom field, a user must have "Jira administrator" global permission. This is true as well to set the default value for any custom field.

The Configuration Delegation add-on for Jira allows Jira administrators to grant to project administrators the permission to edit only the configuration of some custom fields (options and default values), without giving away the precious superuser

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